Maintaining a Clear Customer Focus

A-Alert is fine tuning the wide array of services they offer. With courier services at the core, they have branched out into multiple related services offering invaluable convenience to local businesses and residents in Boston, Mass. As a successful service provider they understand the impact satisfied customers can have on a business and maintain a clear focus on maintaining and improving what they deliver. New Additions to their Team As part of this focus, A-Alert welcomes Erin E. Hoover as their New Customer Service Manager. Erin brings over 15 years of Customer Service experience to A-Alert with 7 years of those in freight forwarding and transportation coordination. During those 7 years, Erin handled various modes of transportation including same-day rush, truck dispatching, intermodal logistics, LTL logistics, and Port logistics with every cargo type. To complement her background in customer service, Erin has also accomplished “Delighting the Customer Certification” a program aimed to improve customer service management and customer focus. A-Alert is excited to have Erin as part of the team. Tracking Shipments Besides going beyond customer expectations as a reliable courier and rush delivery service they offer many other conveniences in the way of shipping and transportation. With an easy to use interface clients are able to quickly and easily schedule pickups, and track their shipments, both locally and nationally. They can also obtain details of each delivery including who signed for it and when. For any urgent needs or questions about shipments or delivery services, A-Alert is equipped with live agents who will tend to your needs immediately. Warehousing To round off their plethora of logistics and courier services they additionally provide warehousing and product fulfillment services. They will store your bulk products and provide you with an easy interface to track inventory levels and create shipments. For more details about warehousing services or to demo their system interface visit A-Alert is a one stop shop for all your shipping, delivery and warehousing needs. Providing top notch service, gives their clients peace of mind. Customers who use A-Alert for their logistics needs can focus on the other aspects of their business, and let them handle the rest! Contact A-Alert To contact A-Alert, call 1-800-446-3369 or visit their website at For customers in the local Boston area, consider A-Alert for your next pick-up/delivery. If you do, let A-Alert know how they did. Feedback is always appreciated and welcome.